From traditional Indian food, to the best quality Spanish tastes and foods from the rest of the world, White Hats Multi-cuisine Tapas Bar and Restaurant has something for everyone. We are truly inspired by the whole world, and you will see this from the interior of the restaurant.

As well as the varied selection of food on offer, there is also the opportunity to taste it all. By offering our customers the chance to pick either a full meal or a selection of tapas, we hope that you are able to enjoy the whole experience time and time again.

Staying true to Spanish tradition we maximise the benefits by freshly preparing most of our dishes and immediately sending them out to the table as and when they’re made. Think of your meal as a tantalising succession of tastes and textures stretching out for as long as you desire, rather than starter, main and sweet. Tapas is equally ideal as a quick lunch or lingering dinner, where you can almost think of it as an ever evolving buffet brought to your own table.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you in the not-so-distant future.

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